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How the U.S. Sells Arms to Foreign Countries

(warning this could get your server investigated)

All arms sales are proposed by the President and then Congress gets to approve certain dollar amount deals to non-NATO members.

Obama is off to Saudi in a few days and Congress is concerned that he will sell them more weapons. In the past year alone he has sold them over $40 BILLION (record breaking – more than any nation ever). Bi-Partisan Senate bill is trying to block Obama’s ability to sell them anymore weapons.

Foreign leaders approach the US with shopping lists and then our gov’t decides whether to sell it… and our gov’t then orders the weapons from arms manufacturers. Unlike Congress any public sector corp is not allowed to lobby customers (no gifts or entertainment whatsoever). The Gov’t controls the bidding process… so our Gov’t is the world’s largest arms dealer. They control the whole process and they are allowed to take gifts and entertainment from both sides. Two years ago, I was at the Capitol during an Arms convention for Congress.

They were blatant about their sales.

Here’s how Congress approves weapon sales:

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