My Response To President’s S.O.T.U.

My video response: SOTU Response

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Did the President just watch the Big Short before giving his last State of the Union? Obama said, “Corporate profits are at record breaking levels…(acted shocked by) The reckless on Wall St…(going on to say) Corporations avoiding paying taxes and putting them into offshore accounts…(then adding) that Congress needs to do something about it.”

My god, Congress approval rating is at 10%. Does anyone believe this crap anymore? Hell, No!

We need to start taking back the trillions of dollars that Multinational Corporations are stealing from American taxpayers and put it into the things we need for a better future and Country such as early childhood development, education, free college, single payer healthcare, livable wages, making housing that is affordable not more affordable prisons.

We aren’t broke: we are being lied to. Until we have leaders that arrest the crooks & liars and rewrite the tax codes, we are going to see our Society/Empire continue to fall. There are 535 Representatives and 1 President and 4 lobbyists to each one of them. There will be nearly $20 Billion dollars spent on their campaigns while we as citizens have no lobbyist, no representation, but we have something better, our dignity and our fight.

If we could elect a black President on a promise of “Hope and Change”, then ‘We The People’ can take back our government from the ‘Global Corporate Mafia’.

These ‘Gang Banksters’ don’t see countries. They operate inside of their rules of corporate governance and that doesn’t include you and me.

Think about this when you listen to politicians. They are taking millions of dollars from Oil, Wall St., Big Agriculture, Big Pharmaceutical and the Military Industry not to mention American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the NRA. President Obama’s campaign fundraising was run by the former President of UBS Robert Wolf. Wolf is his golfing buddy and spent the last S.O.T.U. in with the President.

So when Obama’s making promises after promises after promises in his last year, remember that he’s had the “bully pulpit” for 7 years and has allowed the facilitation of the Trans Pacific Partnership, endless wars, the Keystone pipeline, record breaking Arms Sales, increased surveillance and increased profits for insurance companies.

Obama will have approved nearly $1 trillion dollars in arms sales during his Presidency, indicted more whistleblowers than all the Presidents together and bombed 7 countries.

I voted for a President that would end wars not endless wars. ‪

This isn’t a criticism of just Obama. This is an indictment of our governing system that is no longer a democracy. It’s a Corporacracy. Each and everyone of us has the power to take back America, if we act before the inequality gap grows faster, the wars expand and the climate warms to disaster levels.

I can show you how easy it is to break them at their own game, because when you turn on the lights the cockroaches run. Let’s turn on the lights! Flood Democracy. Commit treason for a reason.

Take Democracy Back!