Meet Arn

Arn has been called visionary, passionate, irreverent, a lightning rod, controversial, intense, energizer rabbit, and a fighter.

“There is no such thing as an at-risk kid. The only person who is at-risk is an adult that doesn’t give back to others.”


In 1993, Arn founded the Snowboard Outreach Society, now SOS Outreach, a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides funding and activities for youth at risk. The SOS program now runs at over 30 ski areas in 15 states and has provided programming for over 5,000 kids, as well as day trips for over 25,000 students. In 2009, SOS Outreach merged with Meet the Wilderness, a summer outdoor adventure and education organization, which allowed SOS’s programming to expand to a year-round curriculum with both winter and summer outdoor/action sports for youth.

Arn provides professional and visionary leadership for winter-sports and outdoor industries and non-profit foundations around leveraging sports based youth development. As the founder of SOS Outreach, he passionately and effectively communicates the hybrid nature of a non-profit as both a business and a charitable solution to meeting the economic and social responsibility goals of it’s funders. He has managed all programs and resources of SOS Outreach over the last twenty years and now supervises an outstanding team of youth programming and development directors that have grown the charity to national sustainability.

He received an MBA from the University of Denver. He is a fully certified snowboard instructor, mountain bike racer and loves hip hop dancing. His most important role is father to his two children, Maya & Matteo.

Public Work

Arn served as Eagle County Commissioner from 2000-2008 and was one of three commissioners who oversaw a $100M annual budget. He has served on numerous community and statewide non-profit boards and has worked on community development initiatives which include long-term economic planning, affordable housing and early childhood development. He is known as a progressive leader in sustainability and social justice.

Eagle County is comprised of 85% public lands. The Board oversees the second busiest airport in the state. Bringing solutions to Early Childhood Development, Affordable Housing, Sustainable Growth Management and New Budgetary policies through innovative collaborations.


Arn Menconi believes in direct action and walks his walk. You will find Arn in the thicket of many demonstrations for peace, democracy, justice and environment.