Press release: Arn Menconi at Standing Rock

Denver, CO – Arn Menconi and his team are traveling to Standing Rock to bear witness to the U.S. government’s war on the environment. With six days left until the polls close in America, we hope to bring more support to the Protectors and awareness of what is happening with the DAPL construction and protests through direct action and independent journalism.

“As a person who is fighting for the people and our planet, I want to bear witness to the government’s militarized destruction of the environment and violent disregard for human life. Because the mainstream media is completely refusing to cover this monumental and historic event, I will live stream the events I witness on the Mint Press News and Real Progressives Facebook pages. I am risking police brutalization and arrest to set the example that it is possible to take social progress into our own hands. If I am elected Colorado Senator, I will keep fighting for the greater good at all costs.”

Arn Menconi wants to inspire each of you, regardless of your political affiliation, to fight the good fight alongside him. Here is what you can do to show your solidarity:

  1. Share this information and our posts about the US government’s war on the environment.
  2. Donate directly to the Standing Rock Tribe at
  3. Don’t vote for Democrats or Republicans unless they support your causes like Amendment 69, anti-war, anti-fracking, and are against the TPP.
  4. Please make a $5-$20 donation to help with food, gas, and potential legal fees for his trip at
  5. Follow and share Arn’s livestreams this weekend on Real Progressives and Mint Press News.

Mr. Menconi believes that if we stand together in this fight for people and planet, we will have the power to speak truth to these special interests and make positive change in society. Please follow Arn’s social media for updates on how to take direct action against the oligarchy every day. And always remember to #SpreadTheLove.

For important updates on Arn Menconi’s trip to Standing Rock, his Senatorial campaign and the work he will continue after the election, follow his Facebook page Arn Menconi for U.S. Senate. For continuing on-the-ground coverage of DAPL, follow Jordan Chariton of TYT Politics.

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