Arn Menconi is endorsed by Boulder Weekly

Thank you Boulder Weekly for acknowledging for my conviction to represent the people of Colorado. I greatly appreciate your endorsement.

“If elected, Menconi says he’d be a “senate activist,” speaking out against the issues he’s already spent years protesting. He would even continue protesting if the need arises. “People are going to do what their leaders do,” he says.
He is adamantly anti-war, protesting the continuous U.S. military presence in the Middle East and elsewhere, while calling for a ban on nuclear weapons and proposes to cut the “bloated” U.S. military budget. He’s also against the TPP trade deal and big money in politics, saying politicians spend too much of their time in office fundraising. He believes the current “rules” are written for the benefit of multi-national corporations and industries such as the financial sector, oil and gas, military contractors and big pharmaceutical and agricultural companies. Because of this belief, he refuses to take money from Super PACs, corporations and special interest groups. He promises to move towards universal health care for all, address the inequality gap and achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 by focusing on solar energy, introducing a carbon pollution tax, banning fracking and making the Paris COP21 agreement binding.

We couldn’t agree more. Vote Arn Menconi for Colorado’s next U.S. Senator.”

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