Announcing My Run For U.S. Senate for Colorado

A Letter to Colorado, the United States and Global Citizens

When did you last believe the country was on the right track? Congress’ approval rating is 10%. Politicians are not being straight with us. Each party offers painless solutions which protect special interests and reward millionaire lobbyists. As we get ready to choose our next president, lets get serious about how to proceed as a nation and state. Americans have to take back democracy from the Global Corporate Mafia that runs our country. We need a revolution that elects someone that fights for climate, social and economic justice.

The plutocrats don’t think we will rise up. They expect us to be too cynical or too complacent. We cannot let this moment pass us by.

Maybe, like me, you campaigned for Barack Obama 8 years ago on a promise of ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or standing up for the lower and middle class. Maybe, like me, you’ve watched our leaders lead from behind on climate change.

Well, the time is now not when. We can no longer have ending wars turn into endless wars, saving the planet turn into killing it and arresting the crooks on Wall St turn into hiring them to write regulations.

My name is Arn Menconi and I am running for U.S. Senate for the State of Colorado as a Green Party Candidate. I have run a national charity for disadvantaged youth, served as a two term Colorado Country Commissioner and owned my own business so I’ve had to run a non-profit, for profit and local government. This gives me extensive experience in what it takes to represent people from all walks of life.
In the last year and a half, I’ve spent all of my time as an activist some would say a radical. I call it being a concerned citizen. I cannot stand back and watch when we need to fight.

I have lived in Colorado for 24 years and love this state. It represents the crossroads of what is happening to the world. When I travel through the Western Slopes and see the Halliburton trucks pulling fossil fuels out of the ground, I worry about our water, our love of place and whether we protecting our planet? When I speak to our representatives either here or in Washington, I see that they are running away from the People to raise money from the Corporations. When, I tell my 9 year old and 11 year old, what I do, I say I am trying to get our country to stop going to war so you won’t and we won’t hurt others.

If you are willing to believe in your own power as a citizen in a democracy, if you support climate, social and economic justice, I will fight for you and bring the change and reform that scares the Global Corporate Mafia that extorted our democracy.

Please Share This. Thank You. Let’s Do This People!

Join me on Monday, January 18th in Denver at the MLK Day Marade at City Park 9:30 to march with the Green Party and kick off my campaign