$3.5 Trillion in Offshore Tax Havens

You’re not going to believe my interview with economist James Henry on the $30 Trillion dollars in tax havens!
Some of the highlights:
Tax havens are being used to hide and house 15% of the world’s wealth.
Shell companies are being used off shore so that corporations avoid paying taxes.
Representation without taxation.
We tried inflation, debt and privations but the only way to support a society is taxes.
It’s not a Global Mafia: it’s worse, the rich and corporations have created laws to support their ability to evade paying taxes.
The difference between tax shelter and tax evasion is a jail cell.
Since the recession the top 1% is not only making insane profits but avoiding paying more and more taxes.
A Great Society cannot survive without having the means to support it and a regressive tax policy is not the way to do it.
The rich are getting richer and paying less and less in taxes while the middle and lower classes’ “real” income is lower than the 70s and we are being taxed more through income, sales and service taxes.

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