11 Things Wikileaks revealed

The Wikileaks revealed election fraud and how the Global Corporate Mafia works:

  • Taking Pay to Play for endless wars
  • Colluding with the media to manipulate public opinion
  • The Clinton Foundation’s ties to the banks
  • Lying, lying, and I forget the last one…

Here are findings from the Wikileaks DNC document Dump, and you already know Hillary is a huge part of the Mafia’s DNC mess. The Corporate Political Machine shut down Wikileaks so we couldn’t see how the game is played. This alone shows how damning the evidence is! We only have 18 days left to fight this system; making this post viral is today’s direct action.

1. Mainstream media colluding with the DNC to cover up lies

2. Burying Bernie

3. Clinton’s weapons deals with Saudi Arabia & ISIS

4. Pay to Play

5. HRC lying to public about policy stances

6. HRC being a closeted racist and bigot

7. Clinton Foundation Corruption

8. Clinton is pro-fracking:

9. Donna Brazile sharing information before the debate

10. Hillary is pro-TPP

11. Wall Street & Oligarchy is running Obama, Clinton, and DNC

This election is riding on the millennial vote! Young people, wake up now, not when you are 50. Make your vote matter now!

4 thoughts on “11 Things Wikileaks revealed

  1. I am compelled to seek and spread truth and integrity. Arn is also driven by this trait and Colorado is lucky to have such an individual running for Senate. I should know, I live in FloriDUH!

  2. Every sane person seems to agree: We need to stop the out-of-control militarism and the juggernaut of the national security state.

    Please look at this … “Dealing With A Shark Attack” http://jdrachel.com/2016/09/30/dealing-with-a-shark-attack/

    If that strikes a chord and piques your curiosity, I would be happy to send you a copy of my new book, “The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World”.

    Please contact me … johndrachel2008@gmail.com

    John Rachel

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