Arn Menconi for U.S. Senate Colorado

People matter more than profits

“I will fight to end the military industrial dominance of our government with its endless greed and killings, end our dependence on fossil fuels by 2050, providing single payer healthcare for all as a right not as a privilege and break up the Big Banks and power of Wall Street that has been stealing resources from our children and grandchildren.”

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Our Righteous Indignation Must Come in Solidarity

We must get rid of Trump through laws, public pressure & peaceful means if we expect the People to Govern peaceful. We live in an Inverse Totalitarian State that's run globally through diverse economies, political systems and cross purposed military conflicts.

I believe that our system of government could be as good a system if people understood what it means to All be Equal and treated Justly. This is so much more than laws and politics. It's about love and compassion, hope and faith, knowledge and wisdom.

I learned an important lesson as a Progressive in 2016. Progressives need to sacrifice our "narcissistic self relevance" as Chris Hedges called us and be about Solidarity & Unity.

Just keep mediating over and over on "How can I make a difference today no matter big or small? Can I put my heart is the person who is suffering the most today?"

How can you remove the stone from your own eye? Jesus said.
It's said in all religions, philosophies and stories.

We must all ask for forgiveness. No human has never hurt another. No human is not destroying the planet. No human is fighting each moment for our children's children.

I beg forgiveness so I may address the most changing times of my life.

Endless Wars, Racial Injustice, Economic Inequality & that train coming at the world's children...Environmental Destruction.
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Progressives who aren't calling for the Impeachment of Trump are guilty of condoning a racist, sexist, fascist, bully, Neo-Nazi, unfit, liar. ... See MoreSee Less

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The media must call for both the GOP & Democrat politicians to call for Impeachment of the President. ... See MoreSee Less

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We can not ignore the threat of NUCLEAR WAR today as tragic as yesterday was.
We can fight for all injustices and global warming too.
We cannot lose sight of the heights of Trump's madness for Foreign Conflicts.
So many are and will die at the fastest rates ever.
He's 1 part reality TV show host creating a distraction from Mueller, all part moraless and 1 button away from the next Holocaust.
Now is not the time to be ideologues.
Be partisan about stopping a very twisted and evil man from killing to protect himself and his greed.
Trump is President and will use the Presidency to litigate his own defense. The inverse totalitarian state we are oppressed by can not react quickly to the speed of this shit show.
Trump of all people has no morals. He is our President believe it or not.
If we do not stop him after what we've witnessed these past 200 plus days, we are soulless. This is not about Parties, classes or color. This is madness.
I look into my heart and others to find strength to speak truth to power to denuclearize our world.
Those options have been negotiated before under Reagan and Gorbachov, it can be done again with all nations who possess nuclear arsenals.
Protest from a compassionate heart. Tame minds. Do not lose sight that 72 years ago this month some 500,000 were killed by our Atomic Bombs in Japan.
We are two and a half minutes from Doomsday.
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I have officially changed Parties from the Green Party to the Democratic Party to explore a run for Colorado Governor in 2018 to fight against Fracking, for Universal Healthcare, Label GMOs, expanding Early Childcare programs, ending militarization of our police, raise the minimum wage to $15, end the death penalty, gun control and to get money out of politics.

Let's get a real Progressive elected this time. Let me know if you would like to volunteer you time.
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No more war
  • End endless wars
  • Cut the huge, bloated, wasteful military budget
  • Abolish nuclear weapons
Wall Street crackdown
  • Aggressive crackdown on corporate crime and corporate welfare
  • Adopt a Wall Street securities speculation tax
  • Work to end corporate personhood
  • Adopt single payer national health insurance
Energy and the environment:
  • No to nuclear power, solar energy first
  • Adopt a carbon pollution tax
  • Ban on fracking
  • Get America off fossil fuel by 2050 and make the Paris Summit COP21 agreement binding
  • Repeal the Taft-Hartley anti-union law
  • Increase minimum wage to $15 an hour
Foreign policy and aid
  • Reverse U.S. policy in the Middle East
  • End foreign aid to countries except for humanitarian crisis

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